The Northern Bedford School Foundation is a nonprofit corporation formed to provide an avenue for individuals, organizations, or businesses to donate monies for use by district teachers and students for educational projects and activities within the Northern Bedford County School District.


     The Board of Directors of the Foundation is comprised of seven to fifteen community-minded citizens operating independently of the Northern Bedford County School District. The primary focus of the Foundation Board is to promote student development through educational programs and activities.

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     The Foundation accepts contributions from individuals, corporations, civic groups and other organizations. Monies are also received from:
  • EITC – Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Tax deductible donations
  • Grants
  • Memorials, Honorariums, and Bequeaths
  • Estates
  • Donations: business, individual, alumni
  • Scholarships
     All contributions are tax deductible and can be designated for a specific program or fund by the donor. Undesignated monies will be used at the discretion of the Foundation’s Board of Directors. The Foundation is accountable for the receipt and disbursement of funds as regulated by state and federal tax codes for charitable and non-profit organizations.


    The leaders of tomorrow are the students of today. Investing in their future now, through a tax deductible contribution, will promote student development and encourage the creation of innovative school programs. Alumni, individuals and businesses can provide the resources for these programs in the arts, sciences, and vocations.


    Your contribution to the Northern Bedford School Foundation will allow the Foundation to continue with its purpose of assisting the School District and surrounding community in the education of our students. In our current world, it is essential that these students be equipped with the knowledge, education and wisdom to become our future leaders. The private sector must become supporters and contributors to better prepare these individuals. Please call for details – 814.766.2221 (option 5) – or visit our website, and send contributions to:
Northern Bedford School Foundation, 152 NBC Drive, Loysburg, PA 16659
***All contributions are tax-deductible.***
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    To develop, promote and finance educational programs, activities, and projects in the Northern Bedford County School District.


    It is vitally important to provide all students with a well-rounded education & experience. With the rising cost of education, public funds can only give each student the basics. Financial assistance from the private sector is needed to insure continued growth and diversity at the Northern Bedford County School District.




    The Northern Bedford School Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization to develop, promote, and finance educational programs, activities, and projects in the Northern Bedford County School District, is an equal opportunity organization and does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, handicap, age, or disability, in any of its activities, programs, or membership. The Northern Bedford School Foundation is a 501c(3) non-profit group with by laws and a federal tax identification number.


    Since its incorporation in 1997, the Northern Bedford School Foundation has been involved in the following activities, projects, and purchases to benefit the students and community members of the NBC School District.
  • Commercial Video Camera for NBC Elementary School
  • Digital Camera for Science Clubs
  • Commercial Laminator for NBC Middle School
  • Amplifier for NBC Choruses
  • Enrichment Reading Curriculum, Classroom Book Sets
  • Educational Field trip to Gettysburg & Washington DC
  • Leadership training events for students (FBLA, etc.)
  • Support of some valuable senior project experiences – Woodbury Community Ballfield, upgrades to girls’ softball field, and others
  • Equipment and Instruments for the Music Department
  • Software and technology for various programs within the curriculum
  • Financial assistance to students paying fees for ‘dual enrollment’ courses
  • Enrichment programs such as visiting artists, scientific programs (Birds of Prey Assembly, Owl Pellets), and others
  • STEM supplies
  • Physics science equipment
  • Reading Competition costs
  • 3-D Printer for Technology Education/Engineering classes
   For more information or for contributions, please call the school at 814.766.2221 (option 5), or visit our website at: